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Why Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools

Why Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools

As infographics become more popular, they’re also drawing a ton of criticism on their quality and accuracy. I love infographics because they provide a visual medium to explain information. Whether or not the information is true is another story… and a poorly researched infographic can draw tons of criticism and hurt the reputation of the company that’s pushing it. All is fair in love and infographics. 🙂

The eyes are an extension of the brain and well over half of the population are visual learners. With this in mind, publishers and businesses can benefit from the change. There is a demand for data that is quickly transferable, coherent and visually interesting.

This infographic, Why Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools from UK-based Infographic designers Neo Mammalian Studios, hits on all the right cylinders on what makes infographics work… a visual medium for disseminating data, a growing demand from your audience, and a medium that’s easy to share! It’s the trifecta of content marketing. Learn more on how to leverage and promote your infographics.

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Douglas Karr is the founder of The Marketing Technology Blog and recognized MarTech expert. Doug is a Keynote and Marketing Public Speaker. He's the CEO of DK New Media, an agency specializing in assisting marketing technology companies with their inbound marketing - leveraging social media, blogging, search engine optimization, pay per click and public relations. He's assisted SaaS companies like Angie's List, GoDaddy, Salesforce, Webtrends, and SmartFOCUS with their digital marketing and product strategies. Douglas is also the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies.

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  1. Plus infographics creates such excellent images that will attract readers especially me. By loooking on the images, i can understand what infographic wants to express.

  2. Reminds me of something I heard from a newspaper editor a long time ago: That infographics would play a big role in marketing newspapers. Turns out it’s even true for the so-called new media, too.

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