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Ticksy: Simple, Inexpensive SaaS Customer Support

In our interview with Formstack on Friday, we were were just talking about how great apps continue to hit the market that offer inexpensive solutions that can grow with your business. As I was writing a developer on an issue we were were having with his plugin, I logged into the ticketing system that they had implemented, Ticksy.

If you’re a growing business, this may be the perfect system for you since they charge just $5 per user. Currently, the system is integrated with Envato, a family of web plugin, theme and snippet sites, so that developers can offer support to their customers. It’s got all the features needed for a small development shop – with a bug fix tracker, a FAQ and knowledge-base, email notifications and responses, and ticket prioritization.

Ticksy promotes the following benefits:

  • Branded – Ticksy lets you choose a subdomain and customize your logo to match your brand for a seamless customer experience.
  • Envato-friendly – Ticksy is designed to easily integrate with Envato, making it simple to support and verify purchases from Day One.
  • Time-saving – Ticksy’s clean design and interface makes the support process simple and intuitive for you and – more importantly – your customers.
  • Bloat-free – Focus on supporting your customers, not managing an app. Ticksy offers the support tools you actually need. No bloatware.
  • Affordable – At just $5 per user per month – and no hidden costs – Ticksy enables you to provide stellar customer support for the cost of one iced vanilla latte with an extra shot.
  • Sleek – Ticksy’s simple, intuitive dashboard gives you the tools to stay organized, drive efficiency and provide top-flight customer service.

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Douglas Karr is the founder of The Marketing Technology Blog and recognized MarTech expert. Doug is a Keynote and Marketing Public Speaker. He's the CEO of DK New Media, an agency specializing in assisting marketing technology companies with their inbound marketing - leveraging social media, blogging, search engine optimization, pay per click and public relations. He's assisted SaaS companies like Angie's List, GoDaddy, Salesforce, Webtrends, and SmartFOCUS with their digital marketing and product strategies. Douglas is also the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies.

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