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Interview: Thaddeus Rex on the Science of Charisma

Several months ago I was speaking at an event and Thaddeus Rex walked up and immediately engaged with me in some deep conversations about consumer and business buying behavior. I was immediately struck by his questions, and the dialogue moved to from the event to our office a week or so later. With the help of Bryant Tutterow, an incredible enterprise marketer, we identified a gap in our offering that was impacting our productivity and ability to develop strategies for our clients.

Bryant noticed that some of our customers (and even our agency) honestly didn’t have a brand developed. We’re not talking about a slick logo and an elevator pitch, we’re talking about all the elements of how a company, products, services and even their employees should be perceived by prospects. We’d often write content based on clients and their opinions of what was selling, but opinions never performed well. It could cause us a lot of pain as we rewrote and tested different messages to attempt to connect.

To remedy this, we enlisted the assistance of brand marketers. We saw an immediate efficiency with the unified agreement between our clients, our strategies, all the way down to the writers and designers. Thaddeus goes beyond simple branding! He’s a musician, a performer, and public speaker who assists companies identify their voice and find their inner persona to produce a charismatic impression from the first connection all the way through the entirety of the customer experience. His program, the Science of Charisma, has brought incredible clarity to our work and the perception of our shared clients.

That said, we had to have him on the podcast! And not just any podcast, Thaddeus opens up the podcast with a song about brands… how cool is that?

One area that Thaddeus focuses on is the unconscious attribution that a consumer or prospect makes concerning a brand. Within the first seconds of seeing a person, a website, a store, a product or any element associated with a brand, our minds go to work and formulate an opinion. If that opinion is one of interest, we’ll stick around. But if that opinion is negative, we’re going to ignore it. Recognizing how you’re perceived in the first moments you’re in front of a prospect is critical… and you only have one chance to make a first impression!

With a degree in philosophy and successful entertainment and professional music career behind him, the experience that Thaddeus brings to his clients (and ours) is unique, captivating and delivers. Working collectively with clients is incredible as every element of the strategy is on the same note (see what I did there?)… from client to content, to community.

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