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Statdash: Build the Ultimate Dashboard

It seems like each day we’re having to add another tool to monitor some new metrics that provide feedback on our clients. Over time, we’ve collected a number of SaaS subscriptions that we’re logging in and out of on a daily basis. It’s so complex that we’ve sought out development resources – but it’s going to be costly to integrate so many APIs and maintain them. Thankfully, someone else thought that was an issue as well and developed Statdash, a marketing metrics mashup maker.

Statdash has quite a few features – perhaps the best of which is that it begins recording your data to their application the moment you add the metric you’d like to add. The collection of widgets you can add spans the social, search, video, local, and other online marketing channels. They can pull key metrics from Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Facebook Insights and YouTube Insights. They also have widgets that monitor your brand mentions and keywords across Twitter, news sites, and blogs. You can even add your data from your email service, your CRM, or your sales system.

Pricing is dependent upon the number of widgets you have – domains and users come unlimited with the platform. You can also setup notifications with any metric and output reports in a nice, printable format. Try it out for free with up to 5 widgets… or max out with a $99 a month plan that includes 150 widgets.

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  1. This sounds like a really useful tool for marketers! Thanks for sharing Douglas.

    Do you know any merchants using it/ what was their experience?

  2. I thought we would have something like this with thousands of developers building widgets for iGoogle, and users being able to mix and match whatever widgets they wanted. Now iGoogle is terminal. If statdash can serve this up in a good UX, sounds worth a look.

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