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Enterprise Social Media Marketing Platform Features

Shoutlet is a company that I’ve been wanting to write about for quite a while. Good friend Chuck Tobar stopped by our office last week and we had a lengthy discussion on enterprise social media marketing platforms and the skyrocketing growth and attention that Shoutlet is getting in the industry.

Recently, friend Scott Bleczinski joined the Shoutlet board – Scott is one of the best sales executives I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with so I’m sure we’ll all continue to see Shoutlet leading the industry.

Shoutlet Analytics

Social Media Marketing platforms have focus in three general areas – social media publishing, social media promotions and social media analytics. Enterprise social media platforms add permissions, workflows and archival systems so that they can accomodate multi-site, multi-corporation and regulatory compliance. In other words, there’s a lot packed into these extensive platforms.

Basic Social Media Marketing Platform Features

  • Publishing – create drafts and publish directly from a central interface to vast array of social media platforms, including the ability to publish images and video.
  • Syndication – publish the same updates throughout multiple social media accounts through a single method.
  • Moderation – moderate updates prior to publishing.
  • Monitoring – real-time monitoring of social media feeds for brands, products, accounts, names and keywords. Typically with some type of sentiment analysis.
  • Analytics – measure the impact of campaigns that have been distributed across social media mediums.

Advanced Social Media Marketing Platform Features

  • Design – wysiwyg design interfaces for professional designers.
  • Scheduling – plan social media updates via calendar.
  • Customer Relationship Management – track visitors, identify them, and save the event once they register for promotions.
  • Mobile Access – access your platform via mobile device and/or tablet.
  • Templates – centrally design branded elements for re-use.
  • Application Programming Interface – integrate via third-party applications and custom development.
  • Multi-language – support for multiple languages for international corporations.

Enterprise Social Media Marketing Platform Features

  • Multi-site support – manage multiple brands and sites through a single account.
  • Workflows – ability to pre-define how updates and promotions are approved, with email alerts and internal commenting.
  • Permissions – ability to deny or approve access to virtually every element in the system, including read, write, edit, delete.
  • Security – hosted securely with data safely stored, monitored and backed up.
  • Automation – the ability to design trigger-based social campaigns.
  • Archives – audit trails of all activity within the system to comply with regulations in healthcare and finance industries.

Shoutlet is ranked as a leader by Forrester amongst its peers in the enterprise social media marketing platform industry. For a full view of the Enterprise Social Media Marketing Platform landscape, be sure to check out Forrester’s report, Take Control Of Your Social Marketing Program.

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