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Social Media Explained with Coffee

Coffee is one of those incredible pleasures in my life that I just can’t do without. I’m sipping on a freshly roasted dark French Roast right now and its fantastic, brewed in my stovetop espresso maker. My best friends own a coffee shop. There’s nothing I love more than discovering some non-chain coffee house when I’m on the road. Most of the time that I meet someone, it’s at a coffee shop. Coffee has gone beyond stimulant and is now a drink associated with so many great memories for me.

This infographic below is from Marketplace Maven and was inspired by the ingenius Social Media and Donuts by Three Ships Media in Raleigh.

Social Media Explained with Coffee

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  1. Since I’m a regular coffee drinker and I couldn’t work my way through a day without at least a one cup of coffee, I find this “infographic” really brilliant. There is just so much truth in it. Thanks for sharing this with us Douglas.

  2. I’m more of a tea drinker myself but that’s a really great infograph Douglas. I may have to print that off and share it with my mother next time I’ve visiting – maybe now she’ll get what I do LOL Oh and I especially like the Google+ explanation 🙂

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