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It’s a Smartphone Revolution! Are You Ready?

Remember the days when we were limited to only using our mobile phones to call our friends and family? Nowadays, there’s not much we’re not able to do with our smartphones, including shopping, banking, couponing, and so much more. Smartphones make our lives simpler, and that’s a fact.

In fact, these practical, everyday handheld devices have become so popular that many are predicting that the number of mobile phones will soon outnumber people, and sales have already taken over the market. So what exactly does this smartphone revolution mean for businesses?

According to this infographic, it’s the apps that play the biggest contributor to the popularity of smartphones. And if the average smartphone user downloads 12 apps, it stands to reason that your business should be joining the revolution as well. With so many people using their smartphones for digital couponing, online banking, and scanning, there’s bound to be a place for your business in an app store.

Furthermore, with so many individuals turning to their mobile phone for these great features, it’s being predicted that mobile shopping via smartphones will account for $163 billion sales worldwide by 2015. Clearly, there is no stopping this revolution. Not convinced? Take a closer look at the stats in this infographic:


This infographic was created in part by GlobalTollFreeNumber.com

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