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Side-by-Side Page SEO Comparison Tool

There are times that our clients request a side-by-side comparison of page elements between web pages to see if page structure may be impacting their ranking on a given keyword or phrase. It’s a pretty grueling process on its own. We use tools like Screaming Frog to crawl the site and capture the details.

The words used in the metadata tags, in body text and in anchor text in external and internal links all play important roles in search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO Page Compare Tool lets you quickly see the important SEO text content on two webpage URLs the same way a search engine crawler sees it.

I was doing some searching and found a nice side-by-side SEO comparison tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas that provides a lot of the key characteristics in a side-by-side camparison.


The key elements the evaluation identifies are:

  • On-page analysis – Shows the number of words used on the page, including linked and unlinked text, as well as the number of links and page size.
  • Metadata tool – Displays text in the title tag, meta description and meta keywords tags
  • Headings – Displays text used in h1 and h2 tags
  • Keyword density tool – Reveals statistics for non-linked content
  • Link structure tool – Displays the number and types of links used for internal, subdomain, and external links
  • Page text tool – Shows both the total text and specific, non-linked text found on the pages
  • Source code tool – Provides quick access to on-page HTML code

Try the Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

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  1. another great post Doug.. I really had a great time reading your work.. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Doug! I’m intrigued and will check out the tool.

  3. I’ve commented one of yours posts before and I’ve mentioned there ColibriTool – now I think this is more proper place to do this 🙂 I’ve noticed that on-page seo is a great feature in seo tools now. I am using Colibri and I’m really satisfied but I must say you’ve convinced me to try Ninjas, sounds good. Thanks!

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