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36 Rules of Social Media

36 Rules of Social Media

If you’ve read this blog for some time, you know that I despise rules. Social media is still very young so applying rules at this point still seems premature. The folks at FastCompany are putting together quite a collection of snippets of advice and calling them the Rules of Social Media.

This infographic is a collection of the rules published in the September edition of the magazine. I still wouldn’t call these rules as I’ve broken a few of them and still gotten results… but I would highly recommend this as a great collection of tips to improve your social marketing efforts.

FastCompany is now collecting your tips. You can submit them online.

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  1. Sometimes I ignore rules but in a way I do respect people abiding such rules, but for social media I tolerate rules I do everything I want without minding about the rules.

  2. I disagree with a heap of these and don’t even think some are about social media.

  3. “…Social media is still very young so applying rules at this point still seems premature.” Not only are they premature – the very concept of social media marketing ‘Rules’ is patently laughable! Ditto for all those pretentious ruminations on social ‘Best Practices’ …Unless, I’m trying to sell you my latest book – in that case, keep piling them on!

    Seriously – there really is no one best day or time to post on Twitter….or one best anything else to make social work for brands – marketing on social has so many variables it can make your head spin just thinking about them! Social is fascinating…complicated…bubbling over with marketing potential – and potential pitfalls for any marketer trying to simplify the very life out of it!

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