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Google+ Publisher Links and Multi-Author Blogs

I was helping out someone in the UK tonight troubleshooting their Google rich snippets and actually identified an issue with my own. If you’re not familiar with rich snippets, it’s a Google feature that allows your author profile to display next to your search engine results. So… if I’m an author of a post, that post will show up in a search result like this:

I won’t go into detail on how to set it up, Joost has done a thorough post on rel=author over on his blog. Basically, your posts have a rel=”author” designator in the anchor tag that points to an author page and your author page has a Google+ profile link in it with rel=”me” that tells the search engine where to find your profile information. Also needed is a reciprocal link from your Google+ page back to the blog you’re writing on.

Google+ then allowed companies to start adding their own pages and added a new meta link to identify you as a publisher. What they forgot to tell us… or that many of us didn’t realize is that the publisher designation actually conflicts with the author designation for the rich snippets!

Tonight I added a condition around my publisher link that ensured that it only showed up on pages on my site, including the home page, that were not blog posts. I did that with the following conditional statement:
<?php if(!is_single()) { ?><link href="https://plus.google.com/114410383067116676089/" rel="publisher" /><?php } ?>

To test your rich snippets, Google has set up a rich snippets tool that will show you if you have the code installed correctly. Now, when I test the home page or any page on my blog (outside of the blog posts), I get a proper snippet:

I also need to remove the rel=”author” from every page but the blog posts to ensure there’s not a publisher link and an author link on the same page. That will provide Google with a proper rich snippet for every page in the site.

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  1. Hey Douglas – I didn’t realize there was a publisher snippet possible. I see your code above, but where would that be implemented? (I realize it is probably a stupid question)

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