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OMA: Content Marketing and Traffic Generation Platform

Organic Marketing Analytics (OMA) is a Content Marketing and Traffic Generation platform for enterprise marketers. The app helps content marketers move from “gut instinct” to “data driven” decision making while taking the pain out of doing content marketing.

OMA helps you understand your audience better, simplifies publishing content and optimizing your content for natural reach. And, OMA automates finding and engaging influential sites and people across search, social, blogs, news sites, forums and Q&A sites.

Essentially, OMA makes it easy to accomplish your content marketing goals – educating your customers and driving them to visit your website. So, you can drive more traffic and produce hard ROI for your efforts… all in less time.

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Key Features of OMA

  • Keyword Research – OMA’s keyword research capabilities provide several ways to find the right keywords to target for your project. Besides basic keyword analysis, OMA uniquely mines your content and the conversation in the market to constantly uncover additional keyword opportunities.
  • Competitor Research – Virtually every piece of information in the platform that’s available for your site and efforts is tracked for competitors as well. This gives you unparalleled insight into what your competition is doing. From social to backlinks, search ranks to ad networks and spend, OMA helps you uncover how competitors are getting results and helps you match/beat them.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Built into OMA are enterprise class SEO tools. From Site optimization, to backlink analysis, to rank tracking and page issue management and tracking, OMA gives you everything you need to make your content’s natural reach maximal.
  • Social Listening – OMA monitors all key channels and social networks, even blogs, forums and news sites for keyword mentions. OMA finds the top mentioned hashtags for your keywords. And, by monitoring keywords we can find out who is mentioning the most and who being talked about the most. For each mention we identify whether it is within a positive/negative/neutral context.
  • Influencer Research – OMA identifies and score mentions using 20+ metrics to find the most influential influencers in each niche. All influencers are automatically tagged by keyword and group of keywords for easy searching. For each influencer we find contact information from their site and other sources online.
  • Outreach Management – We integrate with common email providers so that your can see all your correspondence in one place. Host email templates in one place. CRM style management. Shared contact database for all users within each project.
  • Project & Task Management – within each account you can create multiple projects for different sites, product/services or campaigns. Create and assign tasks within the project to other users. Assign permission to ensure separation where needed.

Pricing is quite competitive. For Hubspot users they offer access to OMA for $249/month. They also offer custom plans for non-profits and others based on particular need.

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