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WordPress NiceAdmin Plugin Version 1.0.0 Released

After a year of looking at the WordPress administrative user interface, I was really growing weary of it. Alpesh saw a comment of mine on another blog and graciously sent me a WordPress admin plugin that another developer had worked on. I modified the plugin utilizing graphics from the WordPress website and build a new admin stylesheet. Here’s a screenshot:

NiceAdmin Screen

It doesn’t change the usability or functionality of WordPress whatsoever, it just makes it a little easier to look at! Hope you like it!

Special thanks goes out to Sean over at Geek With Laptop. Sean’s got a keen eye for cross-browser CSS so I enlisted his help to fine-tune the styles before releasing it. Thanks, Sean!

Download the WordPress Plugin from the Project Page

For all you folks with WordPress blogs, I’d really appreciate you getting the word out on this and my other Projects. As always, if your trackback is listed, I have nofollow turned off so you’ll get credit for the link! Thanks!

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  1. Hey Doug.

    It was my pleasure to help out with this plugin and as things progress, I’ll do more work on it as needed.

  2. This looks great will use it!

  3. Good work Doug. Should we call it Extreme WordPress Makeover 🙂

    • Extreme needs to happen next, AL! This changes the look and feel – but the day should be near that Admin can have skins and themes without the need for a plugin!

      Perhaps the admin theme should be an admin.css in the themes directory so that users can package them together!

  4. Great job there Doug.. Frankly, I was bored to death of seeing the same admin panel over and over again..

    The best thing is that it retains the functions while modifying only the style.. Just what I needed. 😀

  5. Love the new screens. Found one problem though. The Presentation/Theme Editor screen isn’t right. The code window is too small to use. It’s tiny like a thumbnail would look.

  6. This is cool. I did not see what the other developer did, but this is cool.

    Thanks for the mention 🙂


  7. I love this theme menu, very professional. I am installing it on all 8 of my blogs, and making it a standard plugin for my blog customers.

    Matt @ Inlet Host.com

  8. Just like what Ross said, I’m also experiencing the same problem with IE7+WinXPSP2.

    Mozilla’s fine.

  9. It looks VERY similar to the old one. What did you change in the template to make it more useful? Was there any particular item that was a catalyst for change?

  10. Will there be a fix for IE soon? The theme-editor box is so small.

  11. Added a minor fix for WordPress 2.3.

  12. Doug,
    Saw these comments from back in April, I guess I found the same “thumbnail” size issue with editing categories…

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