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The Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

We’ve already published a couple of infographic guides on LinkedIn Profiles, including Linkedin Profile Tips and Optimizing a LinkedIn Profile for Social Selling, but this Ultimate Cheat Sheet from Leisure Jobs is a thorough and fantastic resource for ensuring you fully maximize LinkedIn for networking and job searches.

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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Profiles includes 7 Steps

  1. Profile Blueprint – Get yourself a professional photographer to capture some personality in that photo, and fill in all the fields that LinkedIn walks you through!
  2. Image Sizes – Optimal image sizes look great on any device, be sure to follow the specifications that LinkedIn provides and that are listed below.
  3. Outreach for Recommendations – When someone tells you how fantastic you’ve done, ask them for a recommendation via LinkedIn! They’ll be associated with each job function you’ve filled.
  4. Hidden Features – Join Groups, Take Notes in LinkedIn and be sure to show off your Slideshare Presentations there!
  5. Search Engine Optimization – Customize your URL, use optimized titles for job titles, and link back to your web and social properties.
  6. Be Active on LinkedIn Every Day – providing value, sharing advice, connecting your network to leads, and being a good stewart to your network will help you become a LinkedIn master.
  7. Secure Your Profile – More and more people are becoming targets of phishing schemes and targeted for brute force hacking. Enable 2-factor authentication so folks can’t hijack your account.

I would have added tip #8… pay for the premium edition. It provides you much more visibility within internal searches and enables you to do more outreach! And lastly, follow Jason Miller, the Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn.

Linkedin Profile Guide

Infographic by Leisure Jobs, the home of hospitality, sport and retail jobs in the UK.

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