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Lesson.ly: The Teaching and Learning Application

There are times, especially in technology, that you want to provide a quick and easy lesson for your platform. As an example, we developed CircuPress as a self-service email application for WordPress… but it does require a few steps to setup. We could do a video that shows the setup, but the user will then need to pause/continue as they watch and configure their account. Instead, we just setup a CircuPress Basics lesson with Lessonly – combined with a quiz – to ensure they get off on the right foot!


Once you’ve completed your lesson and quiz, you’re provided a nice, simple report card:


Lessonly was founded by our good friend, Max Yoder, a local entrepreneur, musician, videographer… and all-around good guy.

Lessonly allows its users to build beautiful, branded lessons in minutes without a single line of code. You can assign lessons to your stakeholders or share your lessons with a link. Lesson.ly will handle the reminders to make sure your assignments are completed on time. Features of Lessonly include:

  • Assignments – Assign lessons privately or distribute a public link, seeing who took your lesson and when.
  • Groups – You can assign to one person or create groups within Lessonly to assign and manage your stakeholders.
  • Quizzes – See how well each of your users learned your material on multiple choice quiz questions.
  • Image and Video Support – easily insert images or video in your lessons.
  • Analytics and ReportingLessonly maintains records of your stakeholders’ training and educational history — from how they answered specific questions to exactly what day and time they completed both mandatory and optional training.
  • ComplianceLessonly tracks IP addresses for legal compliance.


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