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Interview: Liz Miller of the CMO Council on Multicultural Marketing

It’s easier to define multicultural marketing on what it’s not rather than what it is. Liz Miller discusses research published by the CMO Council and Geoscape, Activating the New American Mainstream states that the majority of customers look for multicultural stock photos and translation services… then pat themselves on the back that they’re done. That’s not multicultural marketing.

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What is Multicultural Marketing?

Multicultural marketing is a strategy marketers deploy based on research on where, how and when multicultural consumers are interacting with their brands and then mimicking that activity through their marketing efforts. Multicultural marketing incorporates personalization based on ethnic behavior and cultural biases.

It’s not about a different creative, it’s about developing a nuanced relevant message. Only 7% of companies are effectively marketing to multicultural consumers  Tweet This!

This is an amazing interview with Liz where she describes an enormous growth in the most rapidly growing consumer-base within the United States. And make no mistake that they are digitally engaged with your brand. Let’s just throw a few stats out there on the Hispanic sector, which is 18% of the overall populace:

  • Hispanic households spend 17% more per month on mobile services  Tweet This!
  • Hispanic college tuition doubled in the last decade, the number of Bachelor Degrees has more than tripled  Tweet This!
  • Hispanic new businesses doubled from 1.6 million in 2002 to 3.2 million in 2013  Tweet This!

Liz also provides advice to companies to communicate the importance of this growth segment effectively to their organization to get buy-in for multicultural engagement strategies. Side note – we produced this segment before our new studio was built so the quality does fluctuate a bit!

About Liz Miller

liz-millerLiz Miller brings a varied career that spans over 22 years in the Marketing, Sports Entertainment, Retail, Health, Beauty and Personal Care spaces. With the CMO Council, Miller oversees all marketing, research and program operations, serving as the lead analyst for all research initiatives and reports. Along with oversight of event, content and digital teams, Miller can most often be found hosting one of the CMO Council’s many executive Dinner Dialogs or presenting CMO Council research findings at global conferences and thought leadership events.


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