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Communicate, Gamify, Predict and Visualize Sales

InsideSales.com’s PowerSuite™ is a lead response management platform that provides sales teams with everything they need to optimize the remote selling process and put sales into overdrive. InsideSales.com software products are designed for responding to leads and inquiries quickly and thoroughly. This enables customers to dramatically increase contact and qualification rates, and drive sales.

Products for Salesforce CRM

  • PowerDialer™ for Salesforce – The most powerful dialer in the market built specifically to run in Salesforce CRM. Requires the Salesforce CRM.
  • Click-to-Call™ for Salesforce – Click-To-Call™ for Salesforce brings the cutting-edge research and technology of the InsideSales.com platform to the Salesforce CRM.
  • LocalPresence™ for Salesforce – The only national network designed for sales and marketing teams to effectively sell and market locally via phone, web and email.
  • PowerStandings™ for Salesforce – PowerStandings™ brings an exciting gamification element to PowerDialer™ for Salesforce, and significantly enhances rep performance.
  • PowerText™ for Salesforce – PowerText™ provides appointment reminders, single click messaging, tracking, and reporting on cell phone contacts all within the leading SaaS CRM, salesforce.com.

Products for InsideSales.com

  • Hosted Lead Management Platform – An on-demand sales lead management platform containing all of the lead response tools you need to contact, qualify, and close more sales.
  • PowerDialer™ – The most powerful dialer on the market. Designed for B2B and complex B2C sales. The PowerDialer™ doesn't just optimize call time, it optimizes results.
  • PowerInbound™ – All of the PowerInbound™ telephony tools for a hosted inbound call center. Integrates with the PowerDialer™ for inbound/outbound call blending.
  • LocalPresence™ by InsideSales.com – Fully integrated with the PowerDialer™, LocalPresence™ gives companies a local business presence in over 280 markets in the United States.
  • Response Loop With ELF™ – Our Response Loop system uses a built-in "Electronic Labor Force™ " for intelligent lead nurturing and workflow management. Sends emails, faxes, reroutes leads, triggers a phone call, and more.
  • Recording and Monitoring – Record and/or monitor any call. Great for training reps and for quality assurance.
  • JabberDog™ – Automatic dialer for voice message broadcast with options to automatically email or route to a live agent.

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