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First Impressions

What’s Your Social Media Impression?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” my business professor, Marvin Recht, always reminds his students. Don’t make the mistakes that many have made before you.

In today’s world, the first impression idea still holds true. However, digital consumers and social media allow us to connect in ways that we could never have in the past. And the impression that you leave on your Facebook page, Twitter stream, or website could have some people making judgments and drawing conclusions before they actually get to know you, your company, or your products.

What is your goal? What is the impression you are trying to create for yourself? What kind of customers are you attracting by delivering the impression you project?  It’s important to make sure that you always have the best foot forward in whatever business you are in to build an impressive social networking presence with the right impression.

So, what impression are you making? AdTruth has provided this infographic, The Right Impression.

About Meen Boriboune

Meen is a Butler Marketing student interning with the team at DK New Media. Meen's responsibilities include research and content production for their clients, under the direction of Jenn Lisak.

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