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Basket Abandonment Email

The Perfect Basket Abandonment Email

We recently shared an infographic that provided evidence that the faster a sales representative returns a call to a prospective client via the web, the higher conversion rate. Not surprisingly, along the same line of logic… the folks at SaleCycle have found that the faster you get a shopping cart abandonment email sent, the higher the conversion rate!

There are three key questions about basket abandonment emails that SaleCycle continues to answer:

  • Timing: How long should we wait to email our customers?
  • Tone: Should we be direct, or use a customer service tone?
  • Content: What should we include in the email to get our customers to buy?

SaleCycle put together this Infographic that answers those questions. The data was captured from 200 leading global brands and their best practices on shopping cart abandonment:

Basket Abandonment Email

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  1. Doug this post is awesome! Spells everything out for us in email marketing. Been looking for a plain simple plan that has already been tested! Thanks for the post!

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