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Best Way to Engage Users

Successful Strategies for Social Enticement

We’ve written about ShortStack in the past and today they sent over a nice note with a helpful infographic. Can you guess the best way to motivate users to spur engage with your brand or business? You got it: contests! That’s what ShortStack found when they did a survey of more than 800 users. (PS: That’s our affiliate link)

That result didn’t surprise us — because we see every day how contests can increase Likes and inspire sharing. What surprised us was that 38% of respondents who participated in our survey have never run a contest. By the way, photos took second place in the contest and wall topics took third.

Some other findings:

  • 72% of respondents think they could do better with their social media efforts
  • 51% have tried photo contests
  • 62% use customs tabs to entice their fans
  • 14% of users use video for their contests

My only feedback regarding this infographic is that I believe the term engage is used a bit too loosely. I love the term entice much more. In my opinion, engagement is akin to doing business, not just getting a like or a follow as a swap for some kind of reward.

These findings are still important, though! The strategies can drive more traffic and awareness to your brand… where you can engage the audience or community further.

Engage Users

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