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How We Consume Content From Brands

We worked with our digital catalog publisher sponsor, Zmags, to create this beautiful and insightful infographic to how we consume content from brands as consumers. Some findings already confirmed what I knew, while others were surprising. However, the overall message is that your content needs to be consistent across multiple devices.

How can you do that? Recognizable design and common functionality across devices. Use of images and rich media also retains attention span. Having a variety of content helps with conversions as well.

What did you find interesting?

Zmags How We Consume Content From Brands Infographic

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Jenn is the Vice President and Content Strategist at DK New Media. Jenn consults and manages marketing strategies for clients, and speaks and writes on marketing, social media, and infographics. She also enjoys delving into the psychology of inbound marketing.

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  1. Really enjoyed working on this infographic! Interesting summary on what types of content are being produced, as well as where we are reading them.

  2. Hi Jenn, I would like to use this infogrpahic in the Resouce Center for an event I am marketing. How can I go about this?

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