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How to Add Email Addresses to LinkedIn

LinkedIn changed its Add Connections section and, in my opinion, made the dumb move of burying the method of adding a contact by email address. I’m not sure whey they did this but it’s now a 4 step process instead of the couple steps it used to take. This is probably the page that I visit most in LinkedIn when I arrive back from speeches or conferences. I go through the business cards of those folks that I collected and connect with them.

In the new user interface, to add connections by email address, here are the following steps:

  1. Click Add Connections on the top right after you login to LinkedIn.
  2. Click the Any Email icon on the right hand side.
  3. Under More ways to connect, click Invite by individual email.
  4. Type your email addresses in and click Send Invitations.

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  1. Why not just search for them by name and click connect?

    • One at a time? No way! This allows me to add them all at once.

      • Yeah, this is one of those areas you and I will always disagree on. I don’t add people to LinkedIn unless I have truly “connected” with them. It’s not a mass game to see how many connections I can get.

        When I go to an event I MAY come back and add five people as connections. The rest go into SalesForce either as MQLs or SQLs.

        • If someone hands me their business card or have connected with me through the site or by email, we are connected. I don’t abuse that relationship – but in searching for resources it’s really come in handy at times. I don’t care about the number of connections, I care about the reach of my network. And it works!

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