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Automate Your PDF Creation Process with WebMerge

I was visiting with one of our technology sponsors’ (Formstack) clients yesterday to discuss a pretty hefty integration they were working on. What impressed me was that they actually had most of the integration completed even though they lacked any development resources on their staff.

A huge part of their service was having forms completed by sales staff, prospects or customers. The end result were specific PDFs that had to be properly filled out and delivered electronically to their partner companies. They accomplished this effortlessly using Formstack and WebMerge. Between Formstack’s simple user interface for developing the questionnaire… and WebMerge’s ability to map that data and output a PDF… the system worked flawlessly.

With Formstack’s WebMerge integration you can create PDF documents from form submissions, send customizable email notifications, and automatically email the completed PDF documents. This is a really strong integration that can allow a business to easily create event tickets, contracts, employment agreements… you name it!

Automate your document creation process by automatically generating PDF documents from your form submissions. Setup is quick and easy.

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  1. Does a system like this really work “flawlessly” exactly as you wrote?

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