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Ecommerce and Retail products, services and news for marketers at the Marketing Technology blog. Conversion optimization, payment gateway, shipping and other technologies discussed.

November, 2016

  • 28 November

    Despite What Marketers Market, Marketing is Hard Work

    Hard Work

    Another agency in our neck of the woods went under this month. It had all the characteristics of a great agency – talented leadership, a world-class team of dedicated employees, a beautiful location downtown, and impeccable branding online with a premiere …

  • 21 November

    Retailers are Improving Experience and Driving Revenue with Text Messaging

    Text Messaging for Retailers

    The statistics are overwhelming that consumers pay more and engage further with companies that offer a great user experience with increased communication. Text messaging has evolved into one of the universal communication methods that retailers are deploying to improve customer …

  • 16 November

    20 Tips to Drive E-Commerce Conversions this Holiday Season

    Ecommerce Holiday Conversion Tips

    The clock is ticking, but it’s not too late for e-commerce providers to tune up their sites to drive more conversions. This infographic from the conversion optimization experts at the good lays out 17 solid optimization tips that you should …

  • 7 November

    Social Media Content Ideas for the Holidays

    Holiday Social Media Campaign Ideas

    ‘Tis the season and if you haven’t planned out your holiday social media posts, here’s a great infographic from MDG Advertising to give you some ideas, Holiday Marketing 2016: 7 Fresh Ideas for Your Holiday Social Media Posts. Here are seven …

  • 1 November

    How the Internet Revolutionized Offline Retail

    Offline Retail

    If you hadn’t heard, Amazon is opening a large network of pop-up shops in US malls, with 21 stores located in 12 states already open. The power of retail continues to attract consumers. While many consumers are taking advantage of online deals, …

October, 2016

  • 28 October

    How to Time Your 2016 Holiday Marketing Campaigns


    Did you know that if you send your Christmas-themed campaigns a couple weeks early, the result can be 9% lower open rates? This is just one tidbit of valuable information that MDG Advertising released in its infographic, Holiday Marketing 2016: 5 …

  • 24 October

    Scary… $8.4 Billion Will Be Spent on Halloween this Year

    Halloween Shopping

    Shopping for Halloween has already ramped up this year. One-third of consumers started shopping at the end of September and another quarter of consumers will wait for a couple weeks before we distribute $2.5 billion on candy. In fact, If …

  • 21 October

    7 Tips to Build a Successful Growth Marketing Machine

    Growth Strategies

    As companies look to drive new revenue in unexplored channels, growth initiatives are becoming increasingly more popular. But where do you start? How do you start? I’ll admit, it can be overwhelming. First, let’s talk about why growth initiatives exist. …

  • 19 October

    Where are Retailers Spending Their Advertising Dollars?


    It appears that some dramatic shifts are taking place on the retail front as it pertains to advertising. Digital technologies are offering measurable opportunities that are driving greater results – and retailers are taking note. I would not misinterpret these …

  • 11 October

    1WorldSync: Trusted Product Information and Data Management

    Ecommerce Product Content

    As ecommerce sales continue to grow at an alarming pace, the number of channels a brand can sell on has also grown. Retailers presence on  mobile apps, social media platforms, e-commerce websites and in physical stores provide several more revenue-generating …

  • 5 October

    Your Ecommerce Product Detail Page Element Checklist

    Ecommerce Product Page Checklist

    We recently helped an e-commerce site optimize their web presence. They were running on proprietary software so they had quite a backlog of development work to do to improve overall search ranking. However, even given those roadblocks, there were huge …

September, 2016

  • 28 September

    ACTIVE Network and Viralstyle: Participant Management and Merchandising

    Active Network

    ACTIVE Network annually processes nearly 100 million registrations and more than $3B in payments for over 47,000 organizers and 200,000 activities and events. ACTIVE Network® is the leading global marketplace for activities and events, connecting participants and activity organizers, while …

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