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Echo Smartpen

Echo Smartpen: Capture it. Replay it. Send it.

One thing is for sure in this industry… any meeting between two gadget geeks results in more gadgets being purchased! When Erin Sparks told me about his Echo Smartpen, I geeked out. Erin runs an Indianapolis SEO firm and, like us, attends quite a few meetings with clients. I’m one of those old guys that doesn’t like to take notes but then has to ask for more information later when I forgot what we spoke about.

So now I take notes. As of today, though, we’re going to get smarter about how we capture our client meeting information. We’ve got some Livescribe 8 GB Echo Smartpens to help us out. Watch the video below to see what it’s all about… it’s quite an amazing device.

Although we’ve got Echo Smartpens, the Sky is even cooler… synchronizing your notes and audio over Wifi. My hope is that the combination of the recording and my notes will help to serve our clients better by ensuring we’re capturing every detail so we can execute on every part of their needs.

And although my friends know that I’m a big fan of going paperless, I often feel like pulling out the iPad is both pretentious and/or distracting to the conversation. As well, there are times when doodling with a pen and paper comes in much more handy than having to jump between apps on the iPad. I suppose if iPad had an app that syncrhonized audio with note taking, it may compete quite well (is there one out there?). But the ability of just pointing to a section of text and then jumping directly to that section of audio is pretty amazing.

Apps are available as well to extend the usage of the Smartpen.

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  1. Erin does love his Livescribe. He recommends them so much, they should become a sponsor for the show!

  2. I’ve seen these before they are really cool.

  3. I could really use this!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

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