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Digby: Driving Local Commerce with Mobile Apps

It’s my belief that the writing is on the wall and retail outlets are now making the necessary investments in mobile strategies. Mobile has become key to consumer research and purchasing behavior. Combined with the massive adoption of smartphones, there’s little doubt of the impact mobile will have in years to come. Digby offers an SDK where the retailer’s mobile application can easily incorporate geofencing – make that app location-aware with Digby’s location-based analytics and marketing capabilities.

Through the Digby Localpoint™ Mobile Platform, comprised of Analytics, Outreach, Venue, and Storefront, Digby leverages location-based technology to allow brands to push effective, targeted location-aware messages and attract, influence, and own the relationship with their customers across all channels – all through their own branded mobile experience.

Localpoint Platform

Digby Localpoint™ Mobile Platform

  • Localpoint Outreach – Consumers could be steps away from your best deals and never know it. Why let them walk by when you can instantly and personally reach out and draw them into the store by communicating to them directly through your mobile app? Digby Localpoint Outreach helps you make that connection with a powerful suite of location-aware marketing capabilities designed exclusively for brands.
  • Localpoint Venue – Smartphone enabled consumers are now able to check competitor prices while walking your aisles. Get on the offensive by providing your own branded mobile experience that drives value, engagement and the ultimate loyalty card. Digby Localpoint Venue lets you own shopper engagement in the store with a powerful set of tools to inform, assist, and inspire connected consumers when and where it matters most.
  • Localpoint Analytics – More than 90% of retail revenues come from the store but very little is now about customer analytics in the store. Digby Localpoint Analytics lets you discover web-style analytics for your physical locations and valuable data about how and when your customers visit your store, allowing you to learn more about them to serve them better.
  • Localpoint Storefront – Customers demand that your branded search, browse and buy mobile experience be enjoyable, convenient and valuable in both offers and content. Digby Localpoint Storefront lets you create a unique, commerce-enabled shopping experience and inspire and inform your customer through your own branded mobile app and mobile optimized website.

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