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Customer Survey Burnout

Surveys are a critical method for capturing key information on your prospects and customers, but they can also be a tool that’s misused and provides data that drives your business in the wrong direction. As a simple example, if I were a business and asked how I could improve my website, I’m already setting an expectation with the person taking the survey that there is something that must be done to improve the website… when in fact the website could be performing well.

Not to mention the fact that everyone seems to be trying to poke consumers and businesses for data today to develop programs that segment and target with improved precision. The deluge of requests is actually having an impact on the industry… survey takers are running low on patience.

Respondents to a recent survey (there must be a good joke in there somewhere) claimed that surveys are too long, too personal, and inconvenient. Plus companies are asking customers to fill them out more than ever. From Zendesk’s Infographic: Feedback Fatigue

What should marketers do? Capture behavior rather than asking for information where possible. Minimize the frequency of surveys and reduce the number of questions. Try developing surveys where you drip a question at a time and utilize simple responses rather than asking for extended amounts of information.

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  1. User feedback is so important, but becoming harder to get. I’d much rather learn about site performance through surveys than through sales, or lack thereof.

  2. Measure what people REALLY DO – not what they think they do when you pester them with a survey.

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