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Create, Share and Impact Your Business KPIs

One of the issues that I’ve always had with analytics is that vendors think packing more and more measurements is the way to enhance their platforms. While it’s great to have thousands of variables to report on, understanding which variables actually have an impact on your business is much more difficult. And even understanding which variables do begs the question of how to move the needle. Analytics platforms always seem to generate more questions than answers.

Tidemark Storylines are actionable visualizations that dynamically tell the story of a company’s performance. These “actiongraphics” combine your process, your data, and data from outside your walls to give you a complete picture of the business. They provide you with the ability to understand and impact your overall health, workforce, what if simulation, profitability, and forecast trends.

Tidemark is Enterprise Performance Management Built for the Cloud. Here’s an overview:

Per their site, Tidemark delivers analytic applications designed to accelerate your deployment. Their applications leverage a powerful application platform with performance management capabilities built in, ensuring you can quickly and easily configure our apps to your business requirements.

  • Financial Planning – Create plans and forecasts to help drive the business towards your goals. Financial Planning includes processes for revenue planning, workforce planning, operating expense planning, capital expenditure planning, and balance sheet & cash flow planning, ensuring you get a complete picture of your financial plans. With in-context collaboration and analysis, you can quickly iterate with new forecasts as your business changes.
  • Operational Planning – Drive your business by capturing input from the people closest to the products & customers. Operational Planning allows you to collect operational drivers to generate financial forecasts and plans, allowing you to see the entire business plan. Connecting operational and financial planning ensures everyone in the organization is working with the same information towards the same goals.
  • Metrics Management – Quickly assess the performance of your entire organization and take action when needed. Our Metrics Management application enables you to automate variance analysis to isolate issues, collect metric targets & actuals not available in source systems, collaborate in the context of your analytic process, and view the impact to financial results.

Tidemark’s applications share a cloud-based application platform that provides the framework to ensure all our apps provide context and action.

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