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Conversocial Priority Response

Conversocial: Route Your Social Media Customer Service

Too many companies launch their social initiatives out of their marketing department without any plan for customer service issues. Consumers don’t care that you’re on social media for marketing… they just want their customer service issues taken care of. The irony is that poor customer service response will destroy social media marketing efforts altogether.

Conversocial is purpose built for social customer service, providing a seamless workflow with robust and focused features.

Features of Conversocial

  • Intelligent Prioritization – Conversocial prioritization engine uses natural language processing and analysis of historic responses to ensure you can deal with what’s important to your customers, first.
  • Proactive Customer Service Channels – reach out to every developing customer issue. Conversocial connects you to the Twitter firehose, providing targeted data that is fully integrated into a seamless, prioritized workflow.
  • Efficient Workflow – Conversocial gives structure to social media management, with a Priority Inbox for important messages. Quick and easy processing of messages means that while every interaction is seen, no time is wasted.
  • Conversation History – Keep conversations running smoothly with full interaction history for each of your fans and followers. No matter who picks up an issue, the full context is right there.
  • Collaborative Routing – Collaborative workflow allows you to share information quickly, and create tasks for others. Put your customer in touch with the right person, and right information.

Thanks to the High Low for posting about Curalate on their post, The Back-End Digital Tools Every Retailer Needs Now.

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