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The 2014 Small Business Marketing Wishlist

Could 2014 be the year we all stop chasing shiny objects and return to tried and true marketing strategies? Boy, I hope so… we saw a lot of companies chase some crazy trends in the last few years. By the time their budgets dried up with no results, that’s why they would finally give us a call. There were too many to count and it turned my stomach watching some of the technology companies and agencies churning out crap and taking tons of money out of so many budgets of honest small businesses.

According to the j2 Global Forecast Survey:

  • 28.16% want to increase their online presence, such as setting up a website or online store.
  • 23.61% want to adopt email marketing automation to easily and efficiently reach customers.
  • 20.52% want to use email to effectively inspire referrals and sharing on social networks.
  • 13.76% want to implementi mobile marketing best practices for email and website optimization.
  • 11.05% want to ensure their email marketing efforts don’t end up in the spam filters or Gmail tabs.

I am curious where video marketing strategies were on the study. If there was any gap in my opinion, it would be that small businesses can now subscribe to a number of affordable video marketing services to get their message out. This will help them compete with budgets much larger than their own and win.


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